Our Mission


In order to facilitate the provision of justice in Louisiana, the judges of the Louisiana Judicial Council are committed to: undertaking activities for the improvement of the law, the legal system and the administration of justice; providing continuing legal education for its members; achieving the eradication of racial and any invidious bias from every aspect of the judicial process; improving the public’s confidence in our courts, and to fashion effective remedies for the legitimate grievance of the deprived, the oppressed, and the underrepresented in our society; facilitating and hasten the meaningful integration of the judiciary and of each agency of government that is controlled by, or responsible to, the judiciary; and effecting a more diverse ethnic and cultural balance of elected and non-elected judges throughout the State of Louisiana. And thus, our motto is “Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum (Let Justice Prevail Though The Heavens May Fall).”


The Louisiana Judicial Council aspires to be the beacon light for justice in Louisiana, and the world as we work to develop a shared sense of justice that respects the dignity of all human beings.

Values Statement:

The principles values of the Louisiana Judicial Council are justice and integrity, which are reflected by the respect, spirituality, selfless service, and personal courage of our membership.